Monday, January 08, 2007

This is a first!

I've been running the site for over 5 years now, and in that time I've received a LOT of email. I thought I'd seen it all, until this request came in today:

    ***** *** has sent the following email:
    I am interested in obtaining a copy of the lottery drawing for November 8, 2006.

    Please advise

    Thanks guess I should add "Lottery Drawings" to the site as a show. Think she'd want a "Best of," or go all out and get the full season set?


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

We're so @&#$ offensive!

Some days I wake up and I think "How can I piss people off by posting news to the website" - and it looks like I succeeded thanks to Jim's angry email below:

    Jim has sent the following email:
    "Kwanzaa" is not a legitimate holiday--was in fact postulated in the 1960s by a militant Negro convict who was incarcerated for assault and kidnapping. To even mention it, as you do on your website in promoting a book by a "Diane Werts," in the same context as Christmas or Hanukkah is an insult to those long-established religious celebrations.

    Likewise winter solstice, just another crackpot concept, utilizing the meterological fact of the earth & sun's position on December 21st by some individuals purporting to be practitioners of "Wicca," another pseudo-theology & with about as much scientic legitimacy as astrology.

    The inclusion of such items on your website is merely perpetuating inaccurate and politically-correct propaganda, and detracts from any credibility you might have regarding a serious reporting on television matters.

    Anyway, from what I can see, your website is nothing more than an advertiser-supported plugfest for the home video industry--without serious journalistic distance, you offer nothing of import vis a vis advance information or investigative reporting about DVD releases, only relay what the production companies want the public to know when they want them to know it!

Sorry to the 70,000 people that visit the website every day - Jim says we don't any advance information on the website (nope, we sure didn't post the WKRP date the other day). I hope poor Jim finds someone else to bug tomorrow. I'm sure he's extremely upset that the Easter Bunny and eggs are associated with Easter.