Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I'm outta hair!

David Bald

Yep, I shaved my head.

Yes, that photo above is PhotoShopped, but only to add the background and circular effect. In other words, to spice it up with an interesting background (taken from my Bahamas cruise this past Summer). So I *really* have no hair on my head! Here is a "before" shot for you to compare to:

Old David

Some folks who are familiar with Ronald Epstein, co-owner of the great Home Theater Forum website, will think that I'm basically copying him, since he shaved his head about 2.5 years ago, in precisely this same manner (leaving just goatee and mustache, if I recall correctly). Nope, I've wanted to do this for a long time before, and I watched his discussion thread about it with interest. My wife's misgivings about the way I would end up looking, and my own anxiety about the same, ended up making me hold off for quite a bit longer.

But this past Sunday, I took the plunge! What I DO owe to Ron and his discussion is that I ended up going with the HeadBlade (, a nifty device you can get at Walgreens stores for $12.99, and replace the place therein with standard Gillette Atra Plus blades (10 blades for $12 at most places). I also decided to get the HeadSlick shaving foam from the Headblade folks, also found at Walgreens. It works well.

My wife can't keep her hands off of my scalp now. My son went from "do WHAT?!?!?" to "cool, my dad looks like Howie Mandel", and my co-workers at my full-time job haven't seen it yet other than the same pic above by e-mail, because I'm on vacation this week.

So tell me what you think!