Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Baby Birds!

Bird Nest 1

Since Gord shared his lightning photo, I thought I'd share my baby birds with you all. About a month or two ago we noticed that a bird's nest had been built under our front porch. We wondered if there were eggs in it, but decided not to peek in lest we scare the mama bird away from wanting to keep up with her babies. There was no bird poop on our porch to speak of until about a week or so ago, and when that started appearing we started thinking, "Oh geez; we're probably going to have to call somebody to move this nest before things get unsanitary around here."

Well, before I got around to making phone calls to explore that, the eggs hatched! So I managed to peek out my door this past Sunday and take a few shots before mama bird got nervous at the sound of my camera going off (it's not that loud, but she reacted to each and every shot I took, so I can only assume her hearing's good enough to catch it and make her freak out a bit).

Above is a shot of the baby birds themselves. You can see about 5 heads popping out of there easily, and I'm sure there's at least 6 babies in the nest. Click on that pic to go to my newly-minted Flickr account, and there are two additional shots that show the mama bird as well.

Oh, and the mess on the front porch is growing. Had to hose it off the other day, and it's already almost half the size it was before I hosed it. I may have to relocate the birds and nest and all. Any advice on who to call? I want the birds to be happy and safe and all, but I can't have feces on my doorstep, of course. Is there a humane (and inexpensive) organization that I can call to help relocate them somewhere better? Anyone know? Any bird-lovers out there?

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Blue Lightning 2, originally uploaded by Gord Lacey.

This isn't really about DVDs, but I was watching one when this storm began. I wanted to see if I could snap something decent, and this is what came of it.

I messed around with capturing a storm last year using a webcam, and while the pictures looked cool, they were poor quality due to the webcam limitations. Hopefully we get another decent storm through the area and I can play around some more.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Frank Spotnitz

I had the opportunity to do an interview with Frank Spotnitz today. You know Frank from The X-Files, Lone Gunmen, Harsh Realm and Night Stalker. He's doing interviews with tons of people to promote Night Stalker (out on May 30), and he took time to chat with me about the show, its cancellation, and what else he has in store. I hope to type it up in the next week (or so) and post it for everyone to read.

Saturday, May 13, 2006


We hit a major milestone on the site yesterday; our 250,000 registered user! I remember being so excited when we hit 10,000 users, then 25,000, 50,000, 100,000, but when I started this site less than 5 years ago I didn't think we'd ever get to 250,000 users. Thanks to everyone that has registered and told their friends and family about the site. Maybe in a few years I'll be posting about our 500,000th registered user.

Sorry for the lack of posts here in the past few months. Dave and I have both been very busy working on the site, as well as things going on in our personal lives, and the blog has suffered. Hopefully we can get around to posting things on a slightly more regular basis.