Sunday, November 19, 2006

I'm outta here!

I'm heading to Mexico for a week in the sun - I'll be back on the 26th. My girlfriend's coworker is getting married, so we're heading down for the wedding, some sightseeing, and whatever else there is to do. If I get a chance I may post an update on the blog, but I'm going to be staying away from the computer for most of the trip.

See you guys (and a TON of email) when I get back - I'll take pictures!


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's our birthday - help celebrate!

We just turned 5 today, and we're asking you guys to come to the (virtual) party. Later today we'd like you to put your favorite (or one of your favorite) TV-DVD sets in your player and watch an episode or two. When you're done come to this thread and create a post letting others know what you watched. I have to pick a set to watch....


Update: I decided it was easier for me to post in the initial item than have it lost in the comments.

Wow, I was SHOCKED when I came here and saw over 100 comments on this item. Wow.

I took a trip down memory lane with my viewings yesterday. Here's what I watched, and why...

Simpsons Season 1, EP 1 - This was the first TV show on DVD I bought.

Twin Peaks Season 1, EP 1 (not the pilot) - This was the first DVD set I received from a studio

X-Files Season 1, EP 1 - How could I honor our favorite hobby and not watch the pilot of The X-Files, the very first season set released?

Lost Season 1, EP 1 - This is one of the best DVD sets I've ever seen, and I looooove the pilot episode. I don't know how many times I've seen that opening scene, but it's a lot.

So, now you know what I watched before going to watch my Edmonton Oilers play a pathetic hockey game (yup, we lost).